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A charming young man in a city full of dazzling women. What could go wrong?

I laughed all the way through. A wonderful read.” – Krista Minard, Sacramento Magazine

The Gadabout is a short story set in the summer of 1886. Edward J. Bartlett is touring Rome looking for conquests when he meets Ashley and Sophia. Juggling two ladies takes practice, but Edward believes he’s up to the task and has help from his carousing French uncle. Through letters to his lady loves, uncle, and travel mate, Edward makes his move. But he soon learns that wooing modern women isn’t quite as easy as he expected.


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Febb Burn Letter

August 1920, a young 24 year-old Republican lawmaker in Tennessee changed his “Nay” vote to an “Aye” to cast the final ballot ratifying the 19th Amendment – Women’s Right to Vote. He credits his change of heart to a letter from his mother. This letter was the inspiration for REMBER THE LADIES.

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