Growing up in an orphanage prepared Amelia Cooke for the high-stakes role of a female lobbyist in 1887, a time before women could vote. So when she’s hired by the National Women’s Suffrage Association to lobby for a suffrage amendment, Amelia feels empowered to give women a voice. What she doesn’t foresee is her ex-lover, Senator Edward Stillman. Stillman is charismatic, driven, and desperate to crush the amendment and Amelia. But in a political game where bribery, threats, extortion, and seduction prevail, who will win and at what cost?

Set in the extravagant Gilded Age, Remember the Ladies explores the conflict between the sexes with delightful writing and elegant descriptions, which brings the reader back to a time when the struggle for women’s equality had just begun.

“A memorable debut.” – Kristina McMorris, NYT Bestselling Author

“I fell for the brave and resourceful Amelia on the very first page. An absolute pleasure to read.” ―Kirstin Chen, NYR Bestselling Author

“Brilliantly recaptures the moment.” – San Francisco Book Review

What readers say… “Exceptionally written historical novel.” ~ “A page turner.” ~  “Real depth of research” ~ “So relevant for today.” ~ “Well done!” ~ “Loved learning about D.C.” ~Left me cheering for women!” ~  “Loved every minute.” ~  “Fell in love with Amelia.”  ~  “Full of suspense and seductive drama.”  ~  “Especially enjoyed it during an election year.” ~ “Dimensional characters” ~ “A joy to read…wished the story had gone on.”  ~  “Couldn’t put it down.”  ~  “A great read for book groups!”


Self-indulgent young writer Thomas Gadwell has traveled from Boston to the new Hotel Del Coronado in California to at last finish his novel when he meets the clever Miss Mary Harting. At once Thomas tosses aside his literary pursuits for a charmed summer of romance and future. However, Mary Harting is the daughter of notorious railroad tycoon Charles Harting, and he has no intention of letting a useless wordsmith derail his own critical plans for Mary. The couple must continue a clandestine courtship, but Thomas’ ingenuity has unexpected repercussions and he unwittingly uncovers a sinister plot of deception, greed, and blackmail. To win Mary, Thomas must step from the pages of the world he creates to explore his own insecurities and expose family demons.

Told through a series of clever, heartfelt, and engaging letters, From Across the Room is a voyeuristic escapade that delights at every twist.

What critics say…Gina Mulligan’s impeccable prose, engaging characters, and original style reminds us all why we love to read.” – Reza Kahlili, 2010 National Best Books ~~~ “The characters have richly defined voices and fascinating lives that sparkle against a transcontinental history of America. – Jessica Klein, Award-winning Writer/Producer of Beverly Hills 90210

DEAR FRIEND, Letters of Encouragement, Humor and Love for Women with Breast Cancer

This beautiful collection of handwritten letters offers strength, encouragement, and comfort to women living with breast cancer. Written by compassionate strangers—many of whom have gone through their own health battles—these heartfelt letters were gathered by Girls Love Mail, an organization that provides support to people diagnosed with breast cancer. Brimming with warm messages of empathy, inspiration, and humor, Dear Friend delivers words of wisdom when they’re needed the most.

• Contains many beautiful illustrations to match the handwritten notes by other women who have had their own health struggles.
• A book that brings light to dark moments and makes readers feel less alone during stressful and hard times.
• Gina L. Mulligan is a writer and the founder of Girls Love Mail. She founded the organization after her own diagnosis in 2011 and the charity has sent out over 200,000 handwritten letters of encouragement to women with breast cancer across the country.

Plus, a really cool Audio Short Story!

Get the AUDIO version of “The Gadabout” read by actor and writer Jeff Witzke, known for his work in Thank You for SmokingJuno and Up in the Air, The Family Guy, Jane the Virgin, Superstore, Bones and more! He did a great job bringing the charismatic, but smarmy, Edward J. Bartlett to life! While on vacation in Italy in the summer 1886, Edward J. Bartlett learns that wooing several women at one time isn’t quite as easy as he expected

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